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Hello, and WELCOME to Intentional Wellness!   I invite you to discover how to resolve chronic pain or persisting symptoms that may be limiting your quality of life and experience a healing relaxation that will train your body to return to homeostasis.

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Nourish, Replenish, Balance, and Shape Your Brain-Body Wellness



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Natural Healing

natural-healingIn your personal life, work life, community, and the world at large you will always meet obstacles to good health and well-being.  You will also discover and may already know of many ways to elevate and strengthen your brain-body connection thus improving your overall health.  Zig Ziglar said “Passion is born when you catch a glimpse of your potential”.   Achieving good health is an exciting and fulfilling place to live!

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Healing Power

himalayan-salt-rocksHimalayan Salt in this pure form contains 84 natural trace elements and minerals also found in the chemistry of a healthy body.  You can inhale or digest the salt to help provide a boost to your level of wellness.  Your individual health, and wellness are all controlled by your brain, the chemistry in your body, and the optimism of your mind more so than by any other intervention provided by any health care provider.  You are ultimately the one driving the direction of your health and wellness.

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